+Ubiquity of Being

Sioux carried me to sleep where she wove the patterns of my dreams with melodic intent, shifting wakefulness to sacred ground unsolidified

Floating thru the ether with utmost lucidity, I heard the Woodland’s tranquility

Heard Her whispers of rivers and hollow windsongs which echoed and undulated between the trees

I heard the owl who cooed for wisdom, who cooed to share it, who cooed for truth, who dared to bare it

And buried beneath bedrock I uncovered the Arcane

I became versed with Earth’s secrets,

Learned Her stories of war and folklore, of Alpha and of Omega

I learned Her heart’s core

She showed me the amalgam of boneandfleshandsightandsoul

Sifted secrets of my surroundings, unearthed the ubiquity of Being

And for the first time Seeing, I lie still awake, dreaming.

© Ashley Marie


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